Dear Monkeynastix Franchisees, Instructors and Assistants,

Welcome to term 3 of 2022.

I trust you are well and keeping safe.

We are looking forward to exciting and colorful lesson plans kicking off with our new biodegradable balloon class and ribbons in week 5.
Surprise! Each child will receive a complimentary balloon from us for this fun class. Please be safe. No under 3’s.
Ribbons are available in our on-line shop in the FZONE exclusively for franchisees.

We are currently in Cycle 1 term 3. Please stick strictly to the lesson plans provided as they form part of our 2 year programme.
You may have repeated these lessons many times but for our members it is their first time.

PLEASE use our Theme Song before you start each class as it is unique to us and everybody at the school will know Monkeynastix has arrived.
It is important that you grow your numbers in current schools to at least 10. It is also important to monitor your petrol expenses and drive smart.
(Please check out our ‘site margin tracking’ document in the FZONE)

Please familiarize yourself with our STICKER POD and encourage our members to participate in the fun as they learn and create this simple idea around recycling.

We anticipate continuous consistent growth across the board in the next months and we have streamlined our systems to improve our products & services to you even more.
Please ensure that your UP2D8 DATA is accurate and current to assist us with our planning.

Please ensure that you look your best when you arrive at schools as you are representing our international brand.
Classy New Instructor Uniforms available in our FZONE shop. (Limited stock)

Stay warm, make your classes cozy and fun and have a super term 3.

Thank you.
Best Wishes.

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Age 1 – 2 Years

Cl T3 1  Balls, Mat & Gymnic Ball
Cl T3 2 Beam, Beam Ladder & Pyramid Mat
Cl T3 3 Balls, Bean Bags, Hoop & Space Maker
Cl T3 4 Spring Board, Noodles & Safety Mat
Cl T3 5 Ribbons, Gymnic Ball, Plates & Bean Bags
Cl T3 6 Trampoline, Safety Mat & Hoops
Cl T3 7 Cups & Small Balls.Weights & Pyramid Mat
Cl T3 8 Mat, Parachute & Balls and Fine Motor Skills
Cl T3 9 P Bar
Cl T3 10 Free Play

AGE 3 – 6 Years

Cl T3 1  Promotion Lesson – Balloons
Cl T3 2 Beam 8 Cl T3 2 Beam
Cl T3 3 Balls 
Cl T3 4 Spring Board & Jumpee 
Cl T3 5 Ribbons 
Cl T3 6 Double Trampoline 16 
Cl T3 7 Monkey Weights 
Cl T3 8 Floor 
Cl T3 9 P Bar 
Cl T3 10 Promotion Lesson – Cardio & Monkeyrobics 

AGE 7 – 8 Years

Cl T3 1  Promotion Lesson – Balloons 
Cl T3 2 Beam 
Cl T3 3 Balls 
Cl T3 4 Spring Board & Jumpee 
Cl T3 5 Ribbons 
Cl T3 6 Double Trampoline
Cl T3 7 Monkey Weights 
Cl T3 8 Floor 
Cl T3 9 P Bar 
Cl T3 10 Promotion Lesson – Cardio & Monkeyrobics


7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 1

Lesson 1 – Promotion Lesson – Balloons

Warm Up Routine – Music: Jumping Jack, Disc 1 Song 5
Body Position : Straddle Sit
Locomotion : Skipping Forwards and Backwards Balloons, Paper Plates & Straws.
Skills –

1. Catch the Balloon
1.1 Stand in a circle.
1.2 Toss a balloon in the air and call someone’s name.
1.3 That person must catch the balloon before it touches the ground.
1.4 If the person succeeds he/she then tosses the balloon up and calls the next name.
2. Balloon Tennis
2.1 Divide into teams of 2 – one balloon per team.
2.2 Balance balloon on the left hand and hit with right hand t

o your partner and partner to catch
and hit back.
2.3 Partners to hit to each other without catching the balloon.
2.4 Give each child a paper party plate, use is as a “racquet” to hit the balloon gently to your
3. Balloon Blow
3.1 See which team can keep a balloon aloft the longest using only breath. Watch out for
3.2 Each child moving on hands & knees, use a straw to blow balloon forward.
4. Balance Balloon4.1 Each child to have 1 balloon.
4.2 Balance balloon on hand. Try to walk.
4.3 Bounce balloon from one hand to the other.

Ending Activity
Divide children into teams.
Place space makers arms length apart.
Pass to the team mate next to you.
The first team to pass to the end wins’

Follow 3-6 Years activities
5. Balloon Juggle & Sort
Challenge children to keep all balloons (1 + per person) in the air. This gets the group moving and cooperating . Once they’ve got the hang of it, make it harder by adding in more balloons or placing re-strictions e.g. no hands to keep balloons up. Ask participants to keep juggling the balloons, but to sort them into colours (work best with older groups).
6. Balls
Skills 1 Term 3.
Ending Activity
Divide children into teams. Place space makers arms length apart. Pass to the team mate next to you.
Bounce balloon from one hand to the other. The first team to pass to the end wins.

1 – 2 YEARS | LEsson 1

Body Positions (Revise all learned this year)The aim of this lesson is to  teach body conditioning and strength while having fun . Choose from games below according to your class’s ability .Activity1Revise all rolls. Activity 21.  Superman, mini push ups, lie on back and ride your bicycle.2.  Perform jumps, 2 leg hops, holding on to a wall or table try and jump up and down on one leg.3.  Various animal walks.Activity3Revise throw and catching. Ending ActivityConstruct a tunnel from the mat.  Children the to crawl through the tunnel.

3 – 6 YEARS | Lesson 2

1. On Incline/Decline Beam
1.1 Walk forwards over beam. Dismount beam with egg jump.
1.2 Walk backwards over beam. Dismount beam with a half turn.
1.3 Leading with your right foot, walk sideways over the beam.
1.4 Leading with your left foot, walk sideways over the beam.
1.5 Walk forwards over beam, squat half way up and hold squat for 3 seconds.
Squat half way down and hold squat for 3 seconds.
1.6 One child at each end of the beam walk up to middle, high 5 friend half turn and walk back down.

2. Add Beam Ladder to one end of Beam
2.1 Start by climbing up bearn ladder then crawl or slide on turn my down the bearn.
2.2 With assistance walk up bearn ladder then down the bearn.
2.3 Next walk up beam and monkey walk down beam ladder.

– Beam ladder to be used as sub station until required.
– The extra beam can be used with supports at sub station.
– Flat beam can be used for mini cartwheel, jumping over, or walking on top.
– Some of the body positions can also be done on beam.
– Below are a few sub station ideas.

7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 2

FOLLOW 3-6 Years
1. Incline/Decline Beam (Continue)
1.1 Add a bean bag on the child’s head.
1.2 Split into pairs:
Monkey Song, Disc 1 Song 2
Cobra And Dog
2 Leg Hop – Front, Back and Sideways.
– Climb onto facing your partner, place your hands on your partner’s shoulders. Walk over the beam without letting go of your partner.
– Holding hands one child walks forwards and the other child backwards back over the beam.
Change around for next turn.
1.3 Continue with 3-6 years beam ladder activities.

Ending Activity
Use both beams and beam ladders and construct an interval beam.

1 – 2 YEARS | LEsson 2

1 Flat Beam
Walk across.
Body Position : Cobra
Locomotion : Move Like a Snake
Crawl across, walk side ways.
Flip up one parallettes to construct an mini incline/decline beam.
2. Beam Ladder
Crawl across ladder.
– Walk with hands and feet across the ladder.
3. Pyramid Mat
Monkey walks.
Perform jumps onto hurdles.
Perform jumps over the hurdles.
Ending Activity
Crawl/Walk over beam as a seesaw.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 3

NOTESFocus on the correct execution of skills and moving and passing. Revision Of All Balls Skills1.  Children stand in a circle on space makers with instructor.2.  Throw & catch the ball to the instructor.3.  Child to bounce ball on space maker and catch with both hands.4.  Child must bounce and catch ball while walking around the space maker.5.  Using right foot, dribble ball around the space maker, then do the same with the left foot. Activity1Each child to have a bean bag.  Teach over hand throw, then change to under hand.1.  Throw for distance.2.  Place a target or basket a distance away.  Now throw for accuracy.3.  Divide children into teams of 2.  Space children in a row  opposite each other, each on their own *SM. Activity21.  Standing still, throw the ball to partner UNDER HAND then OVER HAND. (Younger children use a bean bag if it is easier).2.  Leave space makers as is.  Line all children up behind the first space maker in 2 rows.Team 1 to stand on the first space maker, throw a ball to your partner.  Then move to the second SM and throw to partner.  Then move to next throw to partner.  Both Teams will then move to the end.3.  Next round pick up the pace.  Try and get children to jog and pass.Activity3–  Repeat above.  This time using your foot.  Pass and trap. Ending ActivityAll children to stand in a circle and hold hands. Place a hoop over your shoulder.  Get through the hoop without letting go of your child’s hands.  Pass the hoop around the circle, without letting go of any hands.


7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 3

Follow 3-6 Years activities.
(THINK Netball, Basket ball, Soccer and Rugby).
Focus on the correct execution of skills and moving & passing. Think Fitness!!
Bean bag throwing, the target area should be smaller.
Use only one hand when throwing.
All dribbling and passing of the balls should be at jogging pace.
Ending Activity
All children to stand in a circle and hold hands. Place a hoop over your shoulder.
Get through the hoop without letting go of.

1 – 2 YEARS | Lesson 3

1. Balls

1. Each child has a ball, sitting in straddle position roll ball in V from one foot to the other foot.
2. Sitting drop and catch the ball.
3. Each child to stand in hoop. With foot dribble ball round the inside of hoop.
4. Stand on space maker roll or throw ball into net.
5. Kick ball into net.

2. Space Maker
Jump from one space maker to the next 2 feet together.
– Lay out hop scotch and jump.
3, Bean Bags
Walk and balance bean bag on your head.
Throw up bean bag and catch.
Throw at target.

Ending Activity
Free play with hoops.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 4

A.  Spring Board & Jumpee1.   Revise all Jumps and Landing on floor.-  Egg Jump-  Stick Jump-  Star Jump-  Half Turn2.  Teach correct mounting of spring board by using space makers.3.  Climb onto spring board, hold the instructor’s hand and jump up and down on spring board (x5) and climb  off.4.  From standing position jump onto spring board and climb off  (x5).5.  From standing position, jump onto spring board and preform the following jumps.-  Stick jump, Egg jump, half turn, and star  jump.6.  As above, repeat all dismounts from a run up, jump with feet together onto spring board and land onto mat.7.  Run up and jump, for height, HIGH 5 your instructor.NOTESIncrease variation by adding a jumper behind or in front of the spring board.See below. Ending ActivityCrab walk races.

7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 4

Spring Board & Jumpee
1. Follow 3-6 Years activities.

2. From standing position, jump onto spring board and perform the following jumps:
– Stretch, Tuck, Half turn and Star jump.
3. As above, repeat all dismounts from a run up, jump with feet together onto spring board and land onto mat.
4. Run up and jump, for height, HIGH 5 your instructor.

Increase variation by adding a jumpee behind or in front of the spring board.
Ending Activity
Children to line up 2 rows in front support position. Turn onto side support, then have a race.

1 – 2 YEARS | Lesson 4

1. Spring Board
– Jump box and spring board
– Climb on jump box and jump off
– Climb on spring board walk up to end and jump off
– Try and jump onto springboard then off.

2. Noodles– Pool noodles and foam blocks
– Throw noodle up in the air – try and catch if possible.
– Rotate noodle
– Place noodle on the floor and kick it.
– Throw noodle as far as you can

– Hit foam block with noodle
3. Safety Mat
– On the mat perform squat and balance on one leg.
– Perform animal jumps on the mat.
– Ta-Da jumps on mat.

Ending Activity
Construct a tunnel with the mat and do then frog jumps.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 5

A. Ribbons
1. We all climb on the bus.
2. The wheels on the bus go ’round and round’
– With arm extended straight in front of body, make circular motion with ribbon.
– Clockwise, anti clockwise and figure 8 movements, then alternate hands.
3. The people on the bus go ‘up and down’
– With arm extended straight in front of body, sweep ribbon up and down, then alternate hands.
4. The conductor on the bus says ‘move back, move back’
– Using a wrist action, flick ribbon away from body, then alternate hands.
5. Rodeo: Rotate ribbon above your head like a cowboy with lasso.
Crack the ribbon like a whip, then gallop in a circle waving the ribbon, HEE HAW!!!
6. Choose a ribbon song or two from the hand apparatus CD.


Ending Activity
Ribbon stick nose up. roll up the ribbon using only one hand to rotate the stick.

7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 5

1. Ribbons
– Follow 3-6 years activities.

Freeze, Disc 3 no 2 Tree
– All ribbon movements should be done standing or moving on the toes.
– Use chase. gallop and other locomotions.
– To move while you are doing the hand movements.

2. Balls
– Skills 5 Term

1 – 2 YEARS | LEsson 5

1. Ribbons
– Each on own space maker and a ribbon.
– Front body circles I Cross swing I Stir your porridge I Snakes on floor I Windshield wipers
2. Plates & Bean Bags
– Wash your plate using bean bag as sponge.
– Bounce bean bag up with small moves – Popcorn
– Throw bean bag up and catch on plate.
– Stand on space maker throw bean bag into plate about 3 steps away.
3. Gymnic Ball
– Child to sit on ball, instructor to hold child’s hands and balance child.
– Child to lie on ball on tummy and roll child
– Child to lie on back and roll child.
Ending Activity
Children to sit in a circle and roll or pass gymnic ball to each other.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 6

A. Trampoline
1. Start by allowing each child to jump forward to end of trampoline then dismount.
Repeat 5 times or more to get the heart rate up.
2. Perform the following jumps:
– Egg >Stick> Star jumps across the trampoline.
3. Perform combination of above jumps.
4. Place a beam “worm” across the middle of the trampoline then jump over the “worm”.
5. Jump and land on your bottom and bounce back to upright position.
6. Jump and land on knees, bounce to bottom and then bounce to standing position.
7. Bounce on knees across the trampoline and then stand in bunny hop position.
8. Perform bunny hops into hand stands.
Use the following when dismounting from the trampoline.
– Egg, stretch and half turn.
Ending Activity
Bunny hop races.

7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 6

1. Trampoline

Jump onto the jumpee and then jump onto the trampoline.


– Follow 3-6 years activities.


– Important to check the landing
2. Balls: Skill 4 Term 3

1 – 2 YEARS | LEsson 6

1. Trampoline
– Child to child onto the trampoline.
– Hold the child’s hands and allow to jump.
– Leave one or both hands if the child is able to jump alone.
2. Safety Mat
– Perform stick, egg and forward rolls from incline mat to the end of safety mat.
3. Hoops
– 1 hoop per child.
– Steering wheels.
– Push hoop along floor holding hoop and rotating hands.
– Penny Spin
– Jump in – out – on – hoop.

Ending Activity
Dustbin or Tunnel.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 7

Repeat each of the below for 5 to 10 counts for 3 years old and under 20 counts for 4-5 years old and 30 counts for 6-8 years old .
A. Monkey Weights
1. Start in seated in a butterfly position, hold weights on chest and open arms wide and put back
on your chest. Do side arm raises, one arm at a time then both together.
2. In long sit try and touch your shoes with the weights, pike and sit up. Cross arms over
chest, open arms wide and return to chest.
3. In Knee stand do shoulder shrugs, one arm at a time then both together.
4. In kitty cat do position, do front arm raises.
5. Stand up, do biceps curls, one arm at a time then both together. Cross arms in front of tummy,
open and stretch up and cross arms above your head.
6. Do a set of jumping jacks.
7. In lunge position, do boxing arms forward. Now try right leg and left arm, then switch legs
and arms for midline crossing.
8. In straddle stand do shoulder curls.
9. Stand on one leg arms to the side and balance, then stretch arms up.
10. Squat arms forward, stand up and repeat.
11. Lie down on back and breath, place weights on your chest and stretch arm up and back to chest.
Then on chest and to the sides.
12. Lie in superman position holding up your weights in front of you.
13. Do the song moves and then do it to the music.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 8

A. Floor
1. As a group on space makers : Teach bunny hop for handstand.
2. Revision using in incline/ decline mat.
3. Perform stick roll, egg roll and full forward roll (steps 1-8). MUST be performed to standing position.
4. On 1st Mat: – Perform 3x bunny hops without instructor assistance.
– Perform 3x bunny hops, on 3rd bunny hop straighten your legs into handstand for 5 secs.
Where permitted teach handstands against the wall. With back to wall, hands on the floor walk up the
wall with your feet.
Ending Activity
Shoulder stands – See picture below.

7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 7

1. Monkey Weights
– Follow 3-6 years activities.
– Turn over (watch your floor surface), place weights on nonslip space makers.
– Do front support holding onto weights.
2. Balls
Skill 5 Term 3

Ending Activity
Who can hold their weights straight out in front of them the longest.

1 – 2 YEARS | Lesson 7

1.  Cups & Small Balls (Tennis Balls)

–  Seated in Straddle.

–  Each child to have their own cup and ball.

–  Drop ball in with hand and pour out into your other hand.

–  Drop ball from above and trap ball with cup.

–  While standing roll out ball then run and trap the ball.

2.  Weights

–  Seated. do some side arm raises and biceps curls then shoulder shrugs.

–  Repeat lying on back and tummy.

3.  Pyramid Mat

–  Do various animal walks and jumps over the mat.


Ending Activity

Try and balance on one leg.


7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 8

1. Floor
– Follow 3-6 years activities.
2. Balls
Skills 6 Term 3
Ending Activity
With partners wheelbarrow races

1 – 2 YEARS | Lesson 8

1. Mat
– Perform bunny hops.
– Instructor seated. child”s shoulders resting on your knees assist with shoulder stands. (ONLY if
child is not afraid)
2. Parachute & Balls
– Put balls in parachute and tip balls around inside.
– With help name the colour of the balls.
– Shake until all balls are out.
3. Fine Motor Skills
– Own choice.

Ending Activity
2 Animals moves – own choice.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 9

A. P Bar

1. On P Bar perform holding for at least 5 seconds.
2. Egg Support
3. Egg Swings
4. L Support
5. Egg to L to Egg
6. Swing with straight legs
7. Swing to open over P Bar
8. Bunny hop to handstand.
Ending Activity
Hang tough one child on each end of the P Bar; see who can keep the egg position the longest.
(Watch for bumping of heads).
Stand in a circle and pass a hoop around without letting go hands.
Climb in and pass over your body.
See other ideas below.
Balance on top.
Child to have an underhand grip and do pull ups.

7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 9

1. P Bar
– Follow 3-6 years activities.
2. Balls
Skills 7 Term 3

1 – 2 YEARS | Lesson 9

1. P Bar
– Walk over P Bar with straddle walk.
– Perform an assisted egg hang.
– Perform an assisted L support.
– Perform an assisted handstand.
2. Tunnel
– Crawl through tunnel.

– Throw ball through tunnel to your friend on the other side.

3. Bean Bags & Basket
– Throw and catch bean bag.
– Kick bean bag.

– Stand on space maker and throw bean bag into a basket.

Ending ActivityTickle tunnel through upside down P Bar.

3 – 6 YEARS | LESSON 10

The object of this class is to make the children exert themselves aerobically and get their heart
rate up. This must be a challenge for the children. They must be physically tired at the end of
this class.
Repeat as many times as possible, various games can also be played at instructor’s discretion. Use
enthusiasm and excitement in your voice. Loads of encouragement.

1. Monkeyrobics
Make your own combination or you can change each cycle.
– 3 minutes per drill do 2 reps.

2, Warm Up
– Start by stretching, use cobra, downward dog, suitcase, windmills etc.

3, Speed & Endurance
The traffic light running game.
Lie on tummy on GO jump up and run to opposite side of class – speed & agility ladder.

4. Power Drills
– Squat to star jumps, burpees, wheelbarrows and crab races, all supports in combination.

5, Core Drills
– V sits, side supports, lie on back with knees bent, reach up and rest hands on your knees.

Ending Activity
Superdog – Stand on hands and knees. Lift opposite arm and leg, stretch and hold.
– Balance stand – Perform all different ways of balancing. Leg to front, back and side.


7 – 8 YEARS | LESSON 10

Same as 3-6 Years

1 – 2 YEARS | Lesson 10

1. Free Play
– Take as much equipment as possible.
– Allow children to have a free play lesson under supervision
– Promote running and jumping.
– Recap a few songs learnt this term.