Dear Prospective Franchisee

The accompanying Monkeynastix Disclosure Document is presented to you to assist you in your evaluation of our Company as a potential investment and career opportunity. While this document is based largely on information that will be of value in your decision making process, both the Franchise Agreement and the Disclosure Document are important documents and should be read thoroughly before making a final decision.

Entering our Franchise system is a serious undertaking. We at Monkeynastix want you to take the time you require to get to know us before you make your final decision. We also recommend that you have the Franchise Agreement explained to you by an Attorney or a qualified Franchise Consultant and that you seek accountancy and financial advice on the franchise position as well.

While the preparation and submission of this Disclosure Document is not compulsory by law, Monkeynastix endorses the importance of assisting individuals in making proper and informed decisions. It is, therefore, our intention to offer as much assistance to our prospective Franchisees as possible. Pursuant to this end, a copy of the publication “Ethical Franchising” produced and endorsed by the Franchise Association of South Africa (F.A.S.A). We recommend that you familiarise yourself with this worthwhile insight into Ethical Franchising.

Adhering to the guidelines set forth by F.A.S.A., you, the prospective Franchisee, will receive this Disclosure Document, the Franchise Agreement and any other legally binding document at least seven days prior to being asked to sign. We will request that you sign a receipt for the Disclosure Document on the day it is presented. Afterwards, you will be permitted to formally accept our offer no earlier than eight days from the receipt of this Disclosure Document.

We welcome your interest and hope this Disclosure Document will assist you in making your evaluation of Monkeynastix. At your convenience, feel free to contact me with any questions or concerns you may have.

Best Regards,

Dirk Cilliers

Managing Director

Monkeynastix International (Pty) Ltd


This Disclosure Document is being provided to you, the prospective Franchisee, for assistance in the evaluation of Monkeynastix…

Franchise Agreement

The Franchise Agreement is a legal document designed to outline the contractual relationship between the Franchisor and Franchisee….


This section contains all the annexure documents listed throughout the Disclosure Document Website.

Franchisor Information

As members of FASA, we strictly adhere to the provisions of the FASA Code of Ethics and Business Ethics…

Financial Information

The Franchise up-front fee is a once-off payment for each Monkeynastix Franchise sold. It secures the rights to trade as Monkeynastix…

Details of Directors

Dirk is the Managing Director of Monkeynastix International (Pty) Ltd and in charge of the day-to-day running of the business…

Executive Summary

The concept is a franchise system in the movement education, health and fitness world for children ages 1 – 8 years old.