Before you start the activities in the book , lets familiarize ourselves first with the tools that we will use.

When you first open the game, you will see a button called tools. When you click on it , it will expand and you will see 5 icons like these ones

  1. The 1st tool is a fill tool and it will fill a colour of your choice to the entire shape you choose
  2. The 2nd tool is a brush tool, this is just like a paint brush, you can choose a color and paint anywhere you want, if you choose brush, you will also see the density of the brush where you can make it so thin it becomes a pen.
  3. 3rd tool is the magic brush tool, select the colours and see the magic when you colour in or paint
  4. 4th Tool is wash, that will erase any ink that you want removed.
  5. 5th tool is the dropper, if you want to use the color from another page use the dropper and it will tell you what it is.

Then there is your index page where you choose your pages to enjoy, and lastly you can print or download it.

Below videos are examples for you to see how it is being used.